Classic Ralph Lauren polo shirts for the holidays – Great quality as always

I bought this for my husband to wear off. I buy Red, and my daughters Christmas Ralph Lauren polo to match. He has Ralph Lauren polo shirts come in many different colors. They are in good, but with good wear resistance, after all, Ralph Lauren clothes and cleaning cycle they start to look old so this will replace the previous New Jersey Polo. My husband is 5’6 “, and wears a size 4 or smaller.

This is my fourth Ralph Lauren polo, they all had excellent quality. Just make sure you dry them, drying not dry, or it will shrink. Other then that, great bright color, good quality.
I ordered red that, true color photos. Is exactly what I was looking for. I had forgotten to order gift boxes with this so I called customer support. Ralph Lauren proved his reputation known by immediately sending packages! I couldn’t be more happy. I even spread my Ralph Lauren polo love on my Facebook page.

Like the Red crocodile Polo, I was in Ralph Lauren polo, buy online! It looks great with jeans or khaki pants. It also fits perfectly. The perfect shirt! Not to mention the Ralph Lauren outlet online store is one of my favorite clothing stores!
They are a perfect combination. They are my go to Ralph Lauren Polo and love, they have fun colors to match any outfit. Get a pass on this, so save a few bucks, so I know better, now I can buy two!
Shirt is good for. I ordered a size 4 and I was a m or l shirt guy. The real problem, I was on the site of the color. Royal Blue for the Indigo and cyan colored blue shipwreck. I ordered the sinking blue shirt, your shipwreck is said to be blue. I put it into Internet advertising, and said: “this is Indigo! “And bring it back to the store to explain mistakes. Ralph Lauren is always helpful customer service is great, I ordered a shirt. Next shirt, it’s the same thing! Boat blue but the picture looked exactly like the Indigo. Needless to say, I just decided to maintain the shirt, rather than two colors, and look what happened.